Ecclesiastes 6

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Old Testament

Stufs iz poyntless

1 Dere is bad tings dat I have seen, n all teh kitteh feel dem:2 ceiling cat gifs a kitteh lotz of cheezburgs n cookiez n upgradez hiz ram but duz not gif teh kitteh teh powr to enjoi teh stufz! Dis is teh st00pidz! No want!3 If a kitteh has hundredz of kittenz and lives long time and haz lots of cheezbrgrs and uther good stuff but he duzn't luv it it is teh suckz!4 Den kitteh came 4 no rezon cuz dem wont member yuz when ded.5 Can seez sun? No. Kitteh no haz addres of ceiling cat or basement cat:6 can haz 7000 yearz lyf wif no cheezburger. All kittehs only haz 9 lyfs!7 Kitteh only want 2 nom cheezburger n cannot fill bukket wif dat.8 Lyke, wut smrt kitteh haz got bt retrd kitteh haz not got? Un wut up wit empty bukkit if kitteh still haz lyfs left to tak it for walk?9 Bettr b lookn den b wantn; cuz is st00pid n mks crzy.10 Stuf haz nam, n kitteh is, lyke, we kno abot; litl kitteh no can hiss dwn big kitteh.11 Moor talk talk make moor st00pid, wut up?12 Wut kitteh kno wut is bst good, spcly all time wen havn nap? Wut kitteh say wut up wen all 9 lyfs up?

Ecclesiastes 6
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