Ecclesiastes 12

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Old Testament
Da longness ov lief

1 Thinkin bout Ceiling Cat when you'z kitten, fore you forgetz how can has funz.2 When weather an skie goes on vacayshun.3 An kittehs beez fraidy catz. And getz dark.4 An weird stuffs happenz.5 An moar weird stuffz an heavy bugz.6 An stuffz getz broked. Bad kitteh!7 An teh dust goez bak 2 Earfs and Hover Cat goez bak to Ceiling Cat. Oh, hai!8 But doan nun ov it mean nuthin.

Da compleet duty ov kitteh

9 An preacher cat wuz smarts and teached kittehs gud stuffs an gud advices.10 Preacher cat founded gud wurdz, and writed troo gud stuffs.11 Teh wurdz ov smarts kittehs can has hurtz.12 So learn frum dem. Dey maekin moar books evry day. Studyin maeks tired.13 So herez cunclooshun. Feer Ceiling Cat an do whut he sayz an dat's all you gotta do.14 Cuz Ceiling Cat gonna get you laters, k?

Ecclesiastes 12
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