Deuteronomy 4

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Old Testament

1 ISRAEL! Listen to teh rulez! Follow dem so dat u can liv an cud go in an nap in da houz dat CEILING CAT, Teh CEILING CAT ov ur fathers, iz given u.2 Keep teh laws ov teh lord ur Ceilin Cat dat i giv u. no changin. 3 U saw wut teh Lord did at Baal Peor. Teh lord ur Ceilin Cat destroyd all hoo followd teh Baal ov Peor,4 But all u hoo held fast 2 teh lord ur Ceilin Cat r still aliv todai, asidez Jim. 1 8 An wut othr hous iz so kewl as 2 has such awsum laws as mah laws I'm given ya todai? 5 C, i has taught u laws as lord mah Ceilin Cat commandd me, so dat u cud follow them in da land u r enterin 2 taek posesshun ov it.6 look carefully, 4 dis will show ur smarts 2 teh haus, hoo will hear bout all thees laws an say, "surely dis great haus iz wize an understandin peeps ayup."7 Wut othr houz iz so great as 2 has their godz near them teh wai teh Ceilin Kat r God iz near us whenevr we pray 2 him, asidez us?

Deuteronomy 4
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