2 Samuel 7

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Old Testament
God's promize 2 david

1 aftr teh king wuz settld in his palace an teh lord had given him rest frum all his enemiez around him,2 he sed 2 nathan teh profet, "her im, livin in palace ov cedar, while teh ark ov ceilin cat remains in tent."3 nathan replid 2 teh king, "whatevr u has in mind, go ahead an do it, 4 da lord iz wif u."

4 dat nite teh werd ov teh lord came 2 nathan, sayin:5 "go an tell mah servant david, dis ar teh wut teh lord sez: r u teh wan 2 build me houz 2 dwell in?6 i has not dwelt in houz frum teh dai i brought teh israelitez up out ov egypt 2 dis dai. I has been movin frum place 2 place wif tent as mah dwellin.7 wherevr i has movd wif all teh israelitez, did i evr say 2 any ov their rulers whom i commandd 2 sheferd mah peeps israel, "y has u not built me houz ov cedar?"8 "nao den, tell mah servant david, dis ar teh wut teh lord almighty sez: i took u frum teh paschur an frum followin teh flock 2 be rulr ovar mah peeps israel.9 i has been wif u wherevr u has gone, an i has cut off all ur enemiez frum before u. Nao im gonna mak ur naym great, liek teh namez ov teh greatest doodz ov teh earth.10 an im gonna provide place 4 mah peeps israel an will plant them so dat they can has home ov their own an no longr be disturbd. Wickd peeps will not oppres them nomore, as they did at teh beginnin11 an has dun evr since teh tiem i appointd leaders [a] ovar mah peeps israel. Im gonna also giv u rest frum all ur enemiez. " teh lord declarez 2 u dat teh lord him will establish houz 4 u:12 when ur dais r ovar an u rest wif ur fathers, im gonna raize up ur offsprin 2 succed u, hoo will come frum ur own body, an im gonna establish his kingdom.13 he iz teh wan hoo will build houz 4 mah naym, an im gonna establish teh throne ov his kingdom forevr.14 im gonna be his fathr, an he will be mah son. When he doez wrong, im gonna punish him wif teh rod ov doodz, wif floggings inflictd by doodz.15 but mah luv will nevr be taken away frum him, as i took it away frum saul, whom i removd frum before u.16 ur houz an ur kingdom will endure forevr before me [b] ; ur throne will be establishd forevr. "

17 nathan reportd 2 david all teh werdz ov dis entire revelashun.

Davidz prayr

18 den king david went in an sat before teh lord, an he sed: "hoo iz i, o sovereign lord, an wut iz mah pplz, dat u has brought me dis far?19 an as if dis wuz not enough in ur sight, o sovereign lord, u has also spoken bout teh fuchur ov teh houz ov ur servant. Iz dis ur usual wai ov dealin wif man, o sovereign lord ?

20 "wut moar can david say 2 u? 4 u knoe ur servant, o sovereign lord.21 4 da saek ov ur werd an accordin 2 ur will, u has dun dis great ting an made it known 2 ur servant.

22 "how great u r, o sovereign lord! Thar iz no wan liek u, an thar iz no ceilin cat but u, as we has herd wif r own ears.23 an hoo iz liek ur peeps israel—teh wan nashun on earth dat ceilin cat went out 2 redeem as peeps 4 him, an 2 mak naym 4 him, an 2 perform great an awsum wonders by drivin out nashuns an their godz frum before ur peeps, whom u redeemd frum egypt? [c]24 u has establishd ur peeps israel as ur vry own forevr, an u, o lord, has become their ceilin cat.

25 "an nao, lord ceilin cat, keep forevr teh promize u has made concernin ur servant an his houz. Do as u promisd,26 so dat ur naym will be great forevr. Den doodz will say, teh lord almighty iz ceilin cat ovar israel! An teh houz ov ur servant david will be establishd before u.

27 "o lord almighty, ceilin cat ov israel, u has reveald dis 2 ur servant, sayin, im gonna build houz 4 u. So ur servant has findz courage 2 offr u dis prayr.28 o sovereign lord, u r ceilin cat! Ur werdz r trustworthy, an u has promisd thees gud things 2 ur servant.29 nao be pleezd 2 bles teh houz ov ur servant, dat it cud continue forevr in ur sight; 4 u, o sovereign lord, has spoken, an wif ur blesin teh houz ov ur servant will be blesd forevr."

Teh Footnotez
  • a - 2 samuel 7:11 tradishunally judgez
  • b - 2 samuel 7:16 sum hebrew manuscripts an septuagint; most hebrew manuscripts u
  • c - 2 samuel 7:23 c septuagint an 1 chron. 17:21; hebrew wonders 4 ur land an before ur peeps, whom u redeemd frum egypt, frum teh nashuns an their godz.
2 Samuel 7
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