2 Peter 3

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New Testament
  1. Iz remindr 2.
  2. An meik u rimbr. Rimber what Ceiling Cat sied!
  3. Haters gonna hate. Dey sez "wer is ur Ceiling Cat? Ded kittehs bonse iz dryd up. Nufin not dryd up!"
  4. An sez when can has coming?
  5. Ceiling Cat saiz liek Ceiling exist an urths were srsly form by waterz
  6. Dez waterz also pwn wurld
  7. Now Ceiling and urth hav fires to pwn all kittehs with invisibul error
  8. Rimbr: 1 day iz 4 Ceiling Cat 1000 yrs An 1000 yrs 1 day. KTHX.
  9. Ceiling Cat not SLOW has patienz even for teh n00bs.
  10. But Jebus will cum liek a thif kitteh in teh dark. The ceiling go dar, der be gr8 mewing an teh urf be eaded wif Basement Cat's hawt. Evwrythin be hawt.
  11. Wen u se dis, u haz holee mewing ov richoushnesh.
  12. Wer iz Ceiling Cat, u saiz. Wen dis gunna hapun? Wen the urf gunna beh hawt?
  13. We rimber teh promish. We luk to teh ceiling fah teh nu urf wer awl beh haz richoushnessh.
  14. Beluvd, now u luk to teh ceiling fah dis. Awlwais luk an u fynd Ceiling Cat, hoo luvz u an sez u luk leik hem.
  15. Rimber dat aftur lawng dai, Jebus bring salvashun, cuz PaulCat haz teh wizdum of Jebus an PaulCat sez dat.
  16. Leik in teh othr buks of PaulCat, dez haz ezly unnerstand. No putz PaulCat's leterz in teh toylut bowl. Lissen to PaulCat. Dis kitteh sez truf! No haz hawt urf wen u lissen to PaulCat.
  17. Behwarz of Basement Cat an teh minyuns. Stay awai frum invisible error. Fallow teh way ov Ceiling Cat.
  18. Lern abowt Jebus and Ceiling Cat. Jebus haz awl teh glori an cheezburgers for teh ever.
2 Peter 3
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