2 Kings 3

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Old Testament
2 Kings 3
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Moab Dont Likes Israil So Much

1 In da eighteenth yeer ov JehoIsFat king ov Judah, Jehoram da dun ov Ahab got 2 be king ova Israil, he woz king 4 12 years.

2 He was evil cos he hid sumfin his father made 4 him an Ceiling Cat thot tht waz mean!

3 Nevadaless, he clung 2 da invisble error 4 life an so sumhow Israil waz evil 4 dat!

4 So Mesha is da king ov Moab an was a sheep breeda, an he gave da king ov Israil 100,000 baby sheeps an 100,000 bits ov wool.

5 But when Ahab died da king ov Moab made fun ov da king of Israil.

6 So da King ov Israil was like 'wtf? its oan!'

7 An so he went to his frend JesoIsFat n sed "Mesha is makin fun ov me, helps me beat him" n so JesoIsFat sed "Ok fine"

8 An so they planned

9 So da king ov Israil went wi Jesoisfat who is da king of Judah an da king ov Edom an dey marchd 2 Meshas house wit da army but it waz vry far away n dey had 2 woter.

10 So Da king ov Israil wos lyke "Alas! Da Ceiling Cat has colld theez 3 kings to giv them into da hands ov moab"

11 JesoIsFat sed "R der ne proffits ere? so we's can get stuffs from da Ceiling Cat?" An 1 ov da kings servents sed "i no Elisha who is a wife ov a robot proffit n now shes a proffit sumhow well she is here"

12 An so all da kings went ova to elisha

13 An Elisha sed to thum "wot do u want? ask ur mum an dad cos they be proffits too, y u bother me??" but da king of Israil sed to her "No it is da Ceiling Cat who has calld us 2 giv them 2 da hands ov Mohab!"

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