2 Chronicles 18

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Old Testament
2 Chronicles 18
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Maicaih Guessez Against Ahab

|1 Nao Jeh0sha had lotz of teh cookiez an cheezeburgerz, he alleid wiv Ahab bai hanky pankies. |2 Laterz he went d0wn to see Ahab in Samaria. Ahab nomed many sheepz and cwoz for him and teh peeplz wiv him an maeked him scrath Ramoth Gilead. |3 Ahab kign of teh Israel asked Jeh0sha kign of Judah, “Will you go wiv me against Ramoth Gilead? Srsly.”

|4 Jeh0sha siad, “Ai am as u r, an meh peepl as ur peepl; we will g0 wiv u in teh scratchez.”

|5 S0 teh kign of Israel brung t0gether the profets—400 men—and askted tem, “Shud Ai scratch Ramoth Gilead, 0-r shud Ai not?”

|6 “G0,” tey answrd, “f0r ceilin cat will give it int0 teh kigns hand.”

Plz Note:

Diz iz an unfinished translashun wich may n0t be gud an stuffz ai waz only tryin to help. Plz expand if u can.

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