2 Chronicles 15

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Old Testament
Asa's Reformz

1 Teh spirit of Ceiling Cat sez "o hai Azariah, kitteh of Oded."2 Azariah then saided to Asa "listen yer, Ceiling Cat is watching you masturbate, and you watches him, but if you try pwn him he will pwnded you.3 Ceiling Cat haz not been to Izral for few years cuz flights costeded too much,4 so when they feeling sick they call Ceiling Cat anywayz, and he wuz liek o hai w/e.5 Back then evrywun DO NOT WANT travel about cuz teh next d00d wud jus be liek GET OUT OF MY BASE,6 cuz Ceiling Cat kept having invisible buttseckz with tehm.7 Just dont get AIDS and you can haz rewards k?"

8 Then Asa went to Judahs howse an lookded at teh detestable idols an said DO NOT WANT, an fixeded teh altar to Ceiling Cat.

9 Then he gets flat pack crowdz of peepls and assembleded them, they wuz happy cuz Ceiling Cat was watching them.

10 15 yrs laetr in March he finisheded putting teh tihng togehter.11 When he finished he killeded 700 moocow and 7000 sheep an gotz an 7000000 concreet donkeyz.12 O yeh an everywun forgotteded wehre wuz Ceiling Cat so dey hadded to find him again.13 Everywun who was just liek o yer w/e wuz haxxed.14 Then dere wuz trumpetz15 an evrywun wuz rejoisin.

16 Then Asa sez to his grandmothr "DO NOT WANT, you has a stik with invisible error". He burned teh stik,17 then was liek ZOMG I LOVE CEILING CAT,18 then he put shini fings on teh altar.

19 Dere wuz no moar war until liek 20 yrs laetr.

2 Chronicles 15
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