1 Samuel 29

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Old Testament
Achish sendz david bak 2 ziklag

1 Teh filistinez gatherd all their forcez at afek, an israel campd by teh sprin in jezreel.2 as teh filistine rulers marchd wif their units ov hundredz an thousandz, david an his doodz wuz marchin at teh rear wif achish.3 teh commanders ov teh filistinez askd, "wut bout thees hebrews?" Achish replid, "iz dis not david, hoo wuz an officr ov saul king ov israel? He has already been wif me 4ovar yer, an frum teh dai he left saul til nao, i has findz no fault in him."

4 but teh filistine commanders wuz angry wif him an sed, "send teh man bak, dat he cud return 2 teh place u assignd him. He must not go wif us into battle, or he will turn against us durin teh fightin. How bettr cud he regain his mastahs favor than by takin teh headz ov r own doodz?5 isnt dis teh david they sang bout in their dancez: " saul has slain his thousandz, An david his tens ov thousandz?"

6 so achish calld david an sed 2 him, "as surely as teh lord livez, u has been reliable, an i wud be pleezd 2 has u serve wif me in da army. Frum teh dai u came 2 me til nao, i has findz no fault in u, but teh rulers doan approov ov u.7 turn bak an go in peace; do nothin 2 displease teh filistine rulers."8 "but wut has i dun?" askd david. "wut has u findz against ur servant frum teh dai i came 2 u til nao? Y cant i go an fight against teh enemiez ov mah lord teh king?"9 achish anzwerd, "i knoe dat u has been as pleasin in mah eyez as an angel ov ceilin cat; nevertheles, teh filistine commanders has sed, he must not go up wif us into battle.10 nao git up early, along wif ur mastahs servants hoo has come wif u, an leef in da mornin as soon as it light."

11 so david an his doodz got up early in da mornin 2 go bak 2 teh land ov teh filistinez, an teh filistinez went up 2 jezreel.

1 Samuel 29
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