Zephaniah 2

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{{Old Testament}}
{{Old Testament}}
[[Category:Zephaniah|Zephaniah 2]]
[[Category:Zephaniah|Zephaniah 2]]
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Zephaniah 2

1 Gitcher scat inna sack, yee-haw, gitcher marbles, nah wantin littrboxz;

2 Steada yammerin, likkety spit, srsly Sky Catz gunna piss whiskas, srsly pissed furball atcha, watchit furball.

3 Lookey Sky Catz, wimpy urth sheeps, that gots pissed on; lookey gud stuffness, lookey wimpy urth sheeps: curl up in lap of Sky Catz furball.

4 Gaze atta foreskin, and ask-Shelon fer Cheeze-eatin: Ashdod inna cab gowin like Mad Dogs or Ingleeshmen, and Ekron dig uppa stuff.

5 Meeeowww littrboxz peeps wet sand, Cherethites littrboxz! meowing yammerin Sky Catz srsly pissed; Oh! Canada!, Teh PhilDonahews littrboxz, catfight! catfight! catfight! no peeps.

6 Anna wet sand goat herder crashpadz, srsly fat goats, puurrrfect.

7 Srsly wet sand Yoda's crashpadz; eatum up; ask-Shelon's crashpadz fer nappin: srsly Sky Catz named Ceiling Cat's a-cummin fer biting chains anna kickin' out.

8 Yammerin Moab, cuddley Ammon kittnz, yammerin peeps like, hey! Bigger littrboxz I'm Sirius!

9 Srsly yammerin Sky Catz, Ceiling Cat frum Itzreal?, go thru Moab's back porch, meeooowwww, kittnz of Ammon too, meeooowww, PENIS GOES WHERE?! with nettles, salt'n'peppah, srsly Cheeze-eatin: teh peeps hairballz go bad, littrboxz needs changin and U keeps turds.

10 Here, Smartinup, tehy yammered an made bigger littrboxz not fer peeps of Teh Sky Catz.

11 Teh Sky Catz srsly pissed: starvin' udder fairy god mudders of urth; kneel an meeeoooww, alluvyas athiesties too, dunno why.

12 Like, dudes from Ethiopia, gunna cutcha hed clean orf ded.

13 Him grabbin' fur frum Catfight! Catfight! anna Asserious dun lik dinnr; Nineveh dun lik burnt toast dinnr.

14 Anna goat herds nappin', all use teh littrboxz; bigburdz anna udder bigburdz (meow) nappin upstairs; tweet-tweet anna Cheeze-Eatin fer youse; Ceiling Cat gunna show youse sum hedges, like asif.

15 Party town inna crashpadz, yammerin ticker, me-meow, no udder catz: she's Cheeze-Eatin for nappin' goats an stuff! Yo! youse make snakey sounds and wave byebye, srsly.

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