Zechariah 6

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Old Testament

4 chariots

1 i lookd up again—an thar before me wuz 4 chariots comin out frum tween 2 mountains ov bronze! 2 teh furst chariot had red horsez, teh second black,3 teh third wite, an teh fourth dappld—all ov them powerful.4 i askd teh angel hoo wuz speakin 2 me, "wut r thees, mah lord?"5 teh angel anzwerd me, "thees r teh 4 spirits [a] ov heaven, goin out frum standin in da presence ov teh lord ov teh whole wurld.6 teh wan wif teh black horsez iz goin toward teh north country, teh wan wif teh wite horsez toward teh west, [b] an teh wan wif teh dappld horsez toward teh south."7 when teh powerful horsez went out, they wuz strainin 2 go throughout teh earth. An he sed, "go throughout teh earth!" so they went throughout teh earth.8 den he calld 2 me, "look, dose goin toward teh north country has given mah spirit [c] rest in da land ov teh north."

A crown 4 joshua

9 teh werd ov teh lord came 2 me:10 "taek silvr an gold frum teh exilez heldai, tobijah an jedaiah, hoo has arrivd frum babylon. Go teh same dai 2 teh houz ov josiah son ov zefaniah.11 taek teh silvr an gold an mak crown, an set it on teh head ov teh high priest, joshua son ov jehozadak.12 tell him dis ar teh wut teh lord almighty sez: her iz teh man whose naym iz teh branch, an he will branch out frum his place an build teh temple ov teh lord.13 it he hoo will build teh temple ov teh lord, an he will be clothd wif majesty an will sit an rule on his throne. An he will be priest on his throne. An thar will be harmony tween teh 2.14 teh crown will be given 2 heldai, [d] tobijah, jedaiah an hen [e] son ov zefaniah as memorial in da temple ov teh lord.15 dose hoo r far away will come an halp 2 build teh temple ov teh lord, an u will knoe dat teh lord almighty has sent me 2 u. Dis will happen if u diligently obey teh lord ur ceilin cat."

Teh Footnotes

  • a - Zechariah 6:5 or windz
  • b - Zechariah 6:6 or horsez aftr them
  • c - Zechariah 6:8 or spirit
  • d - Zechariah 6:14 syriac; hebrew helem
  • e - Zechariah 6:14 or an teh grashus wan, teh
Zechariah 6
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