Zechariah 5

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Old Testament

Teh flyin scroll

1 1-i lookd again ”an thar before me wuz flyin scroll! 2 he askd me, "wut do u c?" I anzwerd, "i c flyin scroll, thirty feet long an fifteen feet wide. [a] "3 an he sed 2 me, "dis ar teh teh curse dat iz goin out ovar teh whole land; 4 accordin 2 wut it sez on wan side, evry thief will be banishd, an accordin 2 wut it sez on teh othr, evryone hoo swears falsely will be banishd.4 teh lord almighty declarez, im gonna send it out, an it will entr teh houz ov teh thief an teh houz ov him hoo swears falsely by mah naym. It will remain in his houz an destroy it, both itz timbers an itz stonez. "

Teh woman in teh basket

5 den teh angel hoo wuz speakin 2 me came fwd an sed 2 me, "look up an c wut dis ar teh dat iz appearin."6 i askd, "wut iz?" He replid, "it be measurin basket. [b] " an he addd, "dis ar teh teh iniquity [c] ov teh peeps throughout teh land."7 den teh covr ov lead wuz raisd, an thar in da basket sat woman!8 he sed, "dis ar teh wickednes," an he pushd her bak into teh basket an pushd teh lead covr down ovar itz mouth.9 den i lookd up—an thar before me wuz 2 women, wif teh wind in their wings! They had wings liek dose ov stork, an they liftd up teh basket tween heaven an earth.10 "wer r they takin teh basket?" i askd teh angel hoo wuz speakin 2 me.11 he replid, "2 teh country ov babylonia [d] 2 build houz 4 it. When it ready, teh basket will be set thar in itz place."

Teh Footnotes

  • a - Zechariah 5:2 hebrew twenty cubits long an 10 cubits wide (bout 9 meters long an 4.5 meters wide)
  • b - Zechariah 5:6 hebrew an efah ; also in versez 7-11
  • c - Zechariah 5:6 or appearance
  • d - Zechariah 5:11 hebrew shinar
Zechariah 5
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