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My theory of lolcat is that cats live in the present, and are attracted by action, so text should mostly be present tense except where it is funnier to misspell a tense (as in 'maded'). It also makes some of the drier narrative more exciting (for cats).

My currently self-imposed task is Joshua, I base my translation on King James. Ch1-9 should be checked, a few still have stubs. Ch19 is still missing. 14 needs review. 21 & 24 are stubs.

Work done or in progress:

Joshua 10 -- completed

Joshua 12 -- completed

Joshua 13 -- completed

Joshua 15 -- finished translation

Joshua 16 -- initial translation

Joshua 17 -- initial translation

Joshua 18 -- initial translation

--SDcat 07:42, 23 October 2009 (UTC)

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