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i can has picshurz?

o hai! thx 4 teh shep picshur! i like!

i can has picshurz of teh sheepz in teh field? if u has well, wud be gret, but iz ok if you dont. Genesis 29 needz picshurs of teh sheepz. if u has lamb som tiem, wud also b gret for picshur.

moocowz iz gud 2, speshly if u gotz no bildingz in teh picshur. if u has picshur of, sai, moocow wif mouf opn, wud be gret 2!

chikns not so much, but if u got pichsur of chiknz wif egs or evn chiknz wif chikz, wud b great.


-- Pseudonym 07:14, 22 November 2007 (EST)

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