Titus 2

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New Testament

1 Say proper good stuffs,

2 Like old menz should stay off teh catnipz an be patient an other good stuffz

3 Old womnz too, should be gud, stay off teh catnipz an be sayin good stuffs

4 To teh young womnz, like stay off teh catnipz, an luv their husbandz an kidz. kthx.

5 Or not get caught, anywayz, so no bad secks, stay home and be doin wot husbandz say, otherwise Ceiling Cat wud be p1ssed off. Srsly.

6 Teh young menz, just stay off teh catnipz,k?

7 Oh, an be gud.

8 Oh an dont sez teh silly stuffs, so that other kittehs cant say LMAO k?

9 Oh an do what teh bosses sez an dont be cheeky,

10 An not steeling bukkits or cookies cos is white collar crime an this looks bad on Ceiling Cat, kthx?

11 Cos Ceiling Cat's pwr is savin us an everyone knows it, so tehre.

12 So dont do bad stuffs or has teh bad secks, and stay off teh catnipz for now

13 Cos then Baby Jesus might turn up on his invisible bike an bring cheezburgrs!

14 An you know he dedded for us, so we owez him, kthxbye.

15 So tehre.

Titus 2
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