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Verses 12-13

The verses currently read as "12 N then you all divvy up teh loot, ain't it grayt to be churchy and take ppls stuff? HA!!1!! Im in ur cherch, eetin yr foodZ n playin wif ur toyz! Moar plz. 13 But then you notise some joker brought copy of Zero Wing, and that suckz, so plz to thro away for graet justise. Then U eat and play kthx." Now, all due respect being paid to the original translator, of course, these verses seem to imply that the priests are being "churchy" by taking people's stuff and eating/playing with it - but based on the context, would that not be for Ceiling Cat to do? Surely, the concluding "moar plz" sounds more closely in line with the words of Ceiling Cat. Am I perhaps missing something? In the interest of proper representation, I would normally edit this entry myself, but such an issue likely merits discussion. Are there any objections? - Caswin 16:13, 11 February 2008 (EST)

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