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Some consistency was needed.

Dai -> Day, Reason: Dai == "Die" instead of the correct sounding. Eerth -> earths, Reason: Consistency with above Took out yo, Reason: De-ghettofied. Essentially it didn't seem to ring quite right for a bible... but it was cute nonetheless. n -> And, Reason: General cleanup. It looked a tiny bit sloppy to see lowercase "n" all the way down.


Invisible Man or Gawd? Which has more lulz?Genesis Two and Three translated only by me will be translated as "Jehovah Gawd" rather than Invisible Man. If there are objections, please see the talk page of those books and alter the "Jehovah Gawd" part.


I love it. Just needs more consistent border and better colors, but an awesome start. Thank you very much --Zotnix 21:54, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

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