Song of Solomon 6

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Old Testament



1 Where iz ur luvr,
 pretti ladi?
 Which wai did he go,
 so we canz look for him?


2 Mai luvr wented down to teh gardin,
 where teh plantz iz growin,
 to hang around
 an pick flowrz.
3 I am hiz an he iz mien;
 he iz hangin out wif teh flowrz LOL.


4 U iz as pretti as Tirzah,
 as pretti az Jerusalem,
 liek an armi marchin around.
5 Doant look at me,
 itz too much LOL.
 Ur hair iz liek goatz
 comin down teh mountn.
6 Ur teeth iz liek sheep
 dat just hadded abaff.
 Dey iz all twinz,
 bcz u haz all ur teethz.
7 Ur butt
 is liek a peach.
8 Dere is sixti queenz,
 an eighti othr ladiez,
 an lotz of virjinz
9 but u iz wun of a kiend,
 ur motherz only dauter
 ur motherz favrit.
 Teh ladiez sez "She haz cheezburgr";
 teh queenz iz liek "U iz so cool."


10 Who is this shini cat,
 shini an pretti,
 liek teh starz?


11 I wented down to teh nut treez
 to look at teh babi plantz,
 to see if dere wuz budz
 or flowrz.
12 Befor i knowed what wuz happenin,
 i wuz so horni i gotted in teh car LOL.


13 Com back, Shulammite;
 come backso we can look at u!


Why wud u look at teh Shulammite
 liek teh dansin of Mahanaim? (srlsy)

Song of Solomon 6
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