Ruth 2

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Old Testament

1. Nows Naomi has relative. Boaz. Him is cool.

2. Ruth is all liek "I am goes to da fields and be pickin' ups grains that peeples drop. If anyone lieks me." Sos Naomi sez "Go to, grl. I am all hungry."

3. So she wents out 'n pickes up what da haverstrs droped. She was all up in Boazs field.

4. So then Boaz arrivez and sez "Teh Invisible Man be with yus!" Andso them all sez "Invisible Man make yus happy!"

5. Boaz askes the head harvastr "Whos womans is that?"

6. So that guy sez "She iz frum Moab 'n with Naomi.

7. "She wuz all liek 'let me gets free foods 'n stuffs from behind yurs havertsres.' She wents into teh feild and wrk. Xcpt for brake. She not work then."

8. Boaz sez at Ruth "You hears me. Yus not go 'n gleans frum difrnt fields. You not go away.

9. "Watch the mens n' follow after wit da grls. Men wont touch yus. If yus get thirsty, go get somethin' to drinks."

10. Ruth bowd down n' sez "I not from herez. Why yu be so niec?"

11. Boaz says "I'z been told yus niec. Yus follows Naomi down 'n helps her. I leik that.

12. "Teh Invisible Man can has reward for yus bcuz you beleev."

13. "kthx" sez Ruth. "Yuz nice n' sez nice things bout me."

14. At suppa, Boaz sed "Yus be all over here, eatin' my bread." So ruth sats n' ate all she culd ov cheezeburgas n' cookies and had lftovas.

15. Boaz tolds the men not to maek fun of her. Evers.

16. Boaz also tolds his men to cheat and gives her free foods.

17. Ruth goes home at 5. She has got good amount of foods.

18. Naomi sees all da food.

19. Naomi is all liek "Yays! Foods! Yus be goin ther tomoro!" Ruth divulgs name of man, Boaz.

20. "Teh Invisible Man make hims happy!" sez Naomi "Invisible Man show kind to living n' deads. Boaz iz importants!"

21. Ruth sez "Boaz wuz nice to mes."

22. Naomi tolds ruth to going to Boaz feilds since they is safe.

23. Ruth does as she tolds.

Ruth 2
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