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(Ruth sez "Oh, Hai" 2 Boaz)
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|5=Boaz askz teh boss piker "Hoo iz dat gurl?"
|5=Boaz askz teh boss pikker "Hoo iz dat gurl?"

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Old Testament
Ruth sez "Oh, Hai" 2 Boaz

1 Nows Naomi has relative. Boaz. Iz cool an rich an haz feelds wif lotz of tunaz.

2 Ruth is all liek "I can goez wif other ppl to pik up tunaz?" Naomi sez LOL ok.3 So her goez out an pickes up tunaz what da haverstrs droped. She wuz awl up in Boazes feeld.

4 So den Boaz coems an sez "Teh Ceiling Cat be with yu!" An so dem all harvstur sez "Ceiling Cat givez yu cheezburger!"

5 Boaz askz teh boss pikker "Hoo iz dat gurl?"

6 So dat guy sez "She iz frum Moab an wif Naomi.7 "Her wuz all liek 'let me gets free foods 'n stuffs from behind yurs havertsres.' Her goed into teh feild and wrk. Xcpt for brake. She not work then."

8 Boaz sez at Ruth "Lissen, yew can chillz in mai feelds an yew can has foodz. Yew an dose gurls go togever.9 "Wachez teh mens an folo teh gurls. Men be kewl an not bug yu. If yus get firsty, goez get somefin' to drinks."

10 Ruth bowd doun an sez "Ai r not from herez. Y yu be so niez?"

11 Boaz sez "Dey tolded me dat yu r niez wif Naomi an yr huzband dieded an yu haz tew be wif straynj ppls awl teh tiems LOL12 "Mae teh Ceiling Cat givez yew cookiez an waches ovr yu!"

13 "kthx" sez Ruth. "Yuz nice n' sez nice things bout me."

14 Foar lunch, Boaz is lak "Yu can haz foodz wif uz and evn cheezburger!" So Ruth sats n' ate all she culd an had cookiez an culd not eet ne moar.15 Boaz tolds the men not to maek fun of her or embare-as her evr an leeve her alonez while her getz tunaz.16 Boaz also toldz his wurkerz to cheet an givez her free foodz.

17 Ruth goez hoem latr. Her has got good amownt of foodz.18 Naomi seez all teh food.

19 Naomi is all liek "Yays! Hoo givez yu dis food? Mae Ceiling Cat bles dem wif cheezburger!" An Ruth sez it wuz Boaz.

20 Naomi sez "Orite he iz relluhtiv of daed huzband an iz guarded us or sumting. Mae Ceiling Cat givez him cookiez tew!!1!1"

21 Ruth sez "Boaz sed ai culd werk moar an bringz hoem moar foodz!"

22 Naomi sez Ruth to going to Boaz feilds since dey r sayf.

23 Ruth does as her toldz.

Ruth 2
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