Romans 7

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15. I duznt knoes teh stuffs I does. I lieks sum stuffs, but I duznt does taht stuffs! I does teh stuffs I duznt lieks.

16. And when I does teh stuffs I duznt lieks, I sez, "Hay, I lieks teh goode stuffs."

17. Hay, iz not me dat does teh badd stuffs--iz mah sins!

18. I duznt has teh goode stuffs (liek, mah sins duznt has teh goode stuffs). I lieks teh goode stuffs, but I cant do teh goode stuffs.

19. Teh stuffs I does iz not teh good stuffs I lieks; I just does teh bad stuffs, mah sins, sum moar.

20. Ifs I does teh bad stuffs I duznt lieks, iz not me, iz mah sins, k?

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