Romans 15

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New Testament
Romans 15
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Acts 1 Corinthians Romans 14 Romans 16
All kittehs prase

1 Us needs to teddybear wif the fails of the week kittehs an' not eate all cheezbrgrz2 All giv yur spair cheezburgerz to teh neigbrores so dem feels goode.3 Cuz even teh Happy Cat didnt eate all cheezbrgrz but as ritteh: "Teh hisses of those hu hiss at u hav failed to meh."4 Cuz evrithin ritteh ysterday was sposed to teache us, so later we cud hav hopes for moar cheezbrgrz.5 Ceelin cat hu givs cookies'n'cheezbrgrz shud giv u teh hug so dat yuz cud follo Happy Cat,6 so that as one gaiant kitteh us cud prase teh daddie of Happy Cat, ceelin cat.

7 So makes nice wif all teh kittez, just like Happy Kitteh makes nice wif u, for teh gloriez of Ceelin Cat.8 Cuz Happy Cat helpz all teh Jooz for teh trooths of Ceelin Cat so taht all teh stuffz he sed to Moses an Abraham and all teh old gyz happenz.9 An so taht all teh otehr kittehz wud say "Ceelin Cat Pwns." Like teh old kittehz sez, "So I sez u ar Ceiling Cat, even to teh kittehz who dont sez u ar, an I prase u.";10 An teh old kittehz also sez, "All u otehr kittez say 'Ceelin Cat pwns' jus lik us";11 An tehy sez too, "Say 'w00t, Ceelin Cat!' all u otehr kittehz, an all kittehz evrywr say 'w00t!'";12 An teh doodz Isyah sez "Jessz kitten, him pwns all teh otehr kittehz, an teh otehr kittehz sez tahts good."13 So teh Ceelin Cat will makeses u feel guds an u haz lots of cheezburgerz cuz u bleev, an teh Hover Cat givez u it. k?

14 I knowz taht u ar gud kittehz, an u ar smartz, an u can tellz all ths stufz to otehrz.15 But I tellz u all ths stufz cuz Ceiling Cat sez I can has big cheezburger16 and I can talk bout Happy Cat an all ths stufz to teh otehr kittehz for Ceiling Cat, so taht tehy can givez Ceiling Cat cheezburgerz, an Hover Cat sez 'kthx!'17 So cuz Happy Cat sez so, I can say "I pwn for Cieling Cat!"18 cuz I dont pwn teh otehr kittehz for Cieling Cat less Happy Cat sez so; by mews, an clwz,19 an noizez, an can openrz, an by teh pwnz0rz of Hover Cat; an I sez all tihs from Jrooslm to Ilyrcm an I sez HAPPY CATZ GUD, srsly!"20 So I sez tihs not to teh kittez taht sez "kthx," cuz otehr kittehz sed it,21 but like tehy sez "teh kittehz hu sez 'Happy Kitteh, wtf?' ar gonna see him, an teh otehr kittehz wil sez 'kthxbai!'" '

Sleepovarz in Roam

22 An cuz otehr kittehz don liek Happy Cat, I haz not visit yuz.23 An nowz i wantz to sea u, srsly!!! an i cant livez hear nemoar cuz iz unemploid.24 I cn has sleepovar wif yoos? Kthx!25 But furst i haz two share cheezbrgr wit oterh kittehz. In jroosalem.26 Dey liek cheezburgrz. An Macatonia an Acatia gaved dem sum stuffz.27 Cuz all dems shar cheezburgurz but stuffz iz good two.28 So aftur, den we have slepeovar, srsly.29 An I will haz blessingz of happy cat!!1!130 Kittehz dat dun noes Happy Cat iz gud oppresh mee (n00bz). I can has yur prayr wiht teh Happy Cat an Hover Cat plz??31 Den dey cud lit mee goes an I goes to jroosalm32 an den PARTY WIT YOOZ!1!11!!!!!33 Peas.

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