Revelation 4

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New Testament

1 So, then I seez a big open heaven door. An teh invisible trumpet voice sez "C'mere. I noes whatz comin. Let me show you it."2 Then, surprize Ghostee-entry! An I seez a dood on a fancy heaven chair.3 The dood looked liek a shiny orange statchoo. An therr wuz a bootiful rainbow too.4 All around teh fancy chair wuz lots moar littler fancy chairz wif old doodz on em. Teh doodz has white clothez and shiny crownz all on therr old headz.5 Then therr wuz skeery lightninz and funderz an therr wuz 7 bukkits. Teh bukkits iz teh 7 kittehs of teh Ceiling Cat. Srsly.6 Oh, also, therr wuz lotz of glass on teh floor. Therr wuz 4 aminuls wif all eyez everwherr.

7 Therr wuz a lion wif all eyez an a big cow wif all eyez an a dood wif all eyes an a eagul wif all eyez.8 All them aminuls has 6 wingz an has all eyez everwherr. An all teh time they r sayin "Teh Ceiling Cat is so leet. Srsly."

9 An then, when teh aminuls sez stuff,10 All teh old doodz fall down an worshipz teh orange statchoo dood. They takez off therr crownz an sez:

11 "Yr teh leetest, Ceiling Cat,
You can has glory an honor an power,
Cuz you pwn everthing
An you totally made em an stuff.

Revelation 4
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