Revelation 15

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New Testament

1 Teh ceiling had nutha pikcha (wuz srsly l33t!11) - wuz of se7en angles who had bukkits of Ceiling Cat kitteh littah.

2 An teh angles woz on glass or fire or sumfink and they pwnd teh monstah an his pikcha an and numbah an that. Then played wikkid solo on Ceiling Cats gitar.3 An they woz yowlin the numbah 1 hit bout Mozez an teh sheeps an how srsly l33t is Ceiling Cat an how he roXXorz teh totality of stuff.4 Secnd vers woz all "u is scaries an bases belong to u an u controlz their manifolds" an stuffs.

5 Peepl took nutha tile out of teh ceiling.6 An then the angles came out of hole in ceiling in their nice white topz and gold bras - bling!7 Bad dog gave teh angles bukkits of Ceiling Cat harbllz. Ceiling Cat have moah than nine livez.8 Ceiling cat mayk a stink an peepl said OMFCC an staid wai 4 liek ages till kitteh littah gon - koff koff. Poo, stinky cat.

Revelation 15
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