Revelation 10

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New Testament

1 Then I seed a differnt angel! He comed down from Ceilin and he wuz wearin a cloud and he had a rainbow for a hatz. His face wuz like the sun and his legz wuz fire!!!2 He holded a book. It wuz open. He standed on the sea with one footz and teh land wit teh other!3 He shoutid and it wuz rly loud. Seven thunderz sez somethingz 2.4 I wuz gonna rite it down but sumbuddy from Ceilin sez "no!"5 Then the angel I wuz tellin u about raisded up his hand to teh Ceilin.6 And he swearded by Ceilin Cat "OK get reddeez!7 Bcz rite b4 teh 7th angel playz teh trumpit, Ceilin Cat's mystri will be finishd, just like he tolded evribodi."

8 Then teh d00d in Ceilin tolded me to take teh book.9 So I did. Teh angle sedz "Eat it. Ur tummy will hurtz but teh book has flavor like cookies!"10 I eated teh book. It has flavor like cookies but my tummy hurted.11 Then they tolded me, "U not done yet! Now u gots to tell teh future about all kinds of d00ds An countriz An langwidgez An kingz."

Revelation 10
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