Psalm 98

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Old Testament
Psalm 98
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1. U spos'd 2 meow 2 Ceiling Cat fur all deelishus cookies he haz made. Wiht hiz 4 pawz an hiz armz too haz made us salvashun 4 himz. 2. Celing Cat showd how good he'z an all hiz salvashun to all da cats from heer to blokcs and blokcs from heer. 3. Ceiling cat has membered how much He luvz Izreel an want to pet dem cats all teh tiem. All teh cats form heer to blokcs an blokcs from heer hurd bout salvashun uv da Ceiling Cat. 4. Meow and purr like der is catnip to Ceiling Cat. 5. Twang doze funy instamens teh peepul play, I guess cuz taht's wut He wants... Meow sum more! 6. Make mor noiz, speshly wtih ur nose and meow 'til evn dah sleepsy peepul gets up to gives Him cheezburga. 7. Make sooooo much noize dat teh fishboul movz an teh fishz in it, and teh hol hous. Srsly. 8. Teh rivurz outside shud clap what handz theyz got an big hillz shud make noize like dey has meny cheezburga for Ceiling Cat comz back to tell all uv dem to behaiv while He's at wurk. An he telz all teh cats from heer to blokcs and blokcs from here to behaiv.

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