Psalm 96

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Old Testament

1 Ceiling cat want nyoo song, k? So all teh kittehs be sings to him.

2 So sings to Ceiling Cat an sez he ful of win. And speekz his win for daze an daze.

3 An tel uther kittehs he reel gud, k? His win wiv all kines of kittehs.

4 Cos Ceiling Cat is gud! An you say he gud, k? Haz moar scary and fierce than uther kittehs!

5 Ceiling Cat is only reel Ceiling Cat! An he maeks Ceiling.

6 All nice thingz be befoar him, an hiz haus be big an tuff.

7 Yoo be folowin Ceiling Cat kittehs, k? Yoo be sez, 'he haz a strong, an he haz a glory!'.

8 So yoo sez Ceiling Cat is OSSAM, k? Yoo maeks him cookie an not eatz it for when see him, k?

9 Be sayin nice things bout Ceiling Cat, an be 'Oh Noes! Ceiling Cat be fwightning!'.

10 An tel uther kittehs he in charge, k? Urf is heer now, an is stuck, liek kitteh stuck in sofa. Ceiling Cat sez 'Yoo iz gud kitteh' or 'Yoo is bad kitteh'.

11 An let the Ceiling an Urf haz a happy! Let waterz and lolruses maek noizes!

12 An let garden haz a happy, an fings in garden (exept doggiez), an trees an fings in trees.

13 An all be sings to Ceiling Cat, cos he be comes to sez 'GOOD KITTEH' or 'BAD KITTEH' to all kittehs in Urf.

Psalm 96
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