Psalm 94

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Old Testament

1 O ceiling cat of teh vengensh let ur justise shine out leik so much sun on a spring day!

2 Get up, O judge and gives teh proud kitteh what dey deserves! kthnx.

3 How long will for to allow teh wicked evil nasty kitteh to do teh gloatings??

4 How long will u let dem speak wit teh arrogances? For how much teim will u for to let teh wicked evil nasty kittehs to do teh bragging? srsly.

5 Dey r crushin ur kittehs, teh kittehs dat u luvs!

6 Dey r killin teh widows n teh kittehs from udder places and teh poor kitteh who does not has teh parentz!

7 "Ceiling cat no look!" dey say. "Neway, he don't care!"

8 St00pod kittehz, think agin!! Wen will u katch on?

9 Is da one who made ur ears deaf? Is he blind? srsly. don be so st00pid.

10 He sends lazer beams to all de nations! He will sends dem to u! srsly. He noes evrything, he def. noes wut ur doin.

11 Teh ceiling kitteh noes all teh kittehs thots. He noes dey r full of stoopid.

12 Teh kittehs dat U teech r dey joyful n teh kittehs dat teech Ur wordz FTW.

13 U gifs dem reliefs wen tiems r bad. Until big trap is made for to trapz teh wicked evil nasty kittehs.

14 Ceiling cat will not gives up on hiz kittehs. No, he will no leav his speshul kittehs dat he likes.

15 He will make teh awesome judgments and teh kittehs who rock will chase after dem.

16 Who will saves me from wicked evil nasty kittehs? Who will standz up to dem foar me?

17 If Ceiling cat had no gifs me teh halp n teh cheat codes i wuld have slipd and falled into teh lavas!!

18 I cryed "Oh noes! I is fallin!" but u luvs me so much u gaves me teh cheats!

19 Wen I didn't noe wut to do, u gaves meh cumfortz and teh hopes and cheer FTW!

20 Can wicked evil nasty kitteh say dat ceiling cat is on ther side wen dey make stoopid laws dat let bad tings happn?

21 Dey gang up on teh good kittehs and kilz teh kitteh dat haz not dun nething! Dis is FTL. srsly.

22 But celing cat is my big strong hidin place. He is leik dis big rock I can hidez undr and haz teh safety wich is awesum.

23 Ceiling cat will make de bad things teh wicked evil nasty kitteh does to good kitteh happen to dem! He will so destroi dem. Srsly, he will destroi dem FTW!

Psalm 94
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