Psalm 90

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Old Testament
Psalm 90
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A Preyer Uv Moses Cat, Kitteh Of Cieling Cat

1 Cieling Cat haz ben ar kitteh box for al kittehs befor.

2 Befor teh tal sofaz wer broughtd inz or or teh hous waz bilded, evenz from wakey timz to sleepzy tiemz, uz arez Cieling Cat.

3 Yu pwnz teh pplz to n00b an sez, come bak you kittehs of menz.4 For a 1000 yrs for Cieling Cat iz like just yesterdaiz only an a watch kitteh in teh darks.

5 You carryz teh n00bs lik teh watur bol; tehy iz asleep: in teh morning tehy r like grass wich growz an eatedz by sik cat.

6 In teh morning it growz a tonz an tunz; tehn in teh nite a lahn mower cuts it down an it iz dead.

7 We ar beeng eated by ur hissin, an bai ur wraf we ar trubld.

8 Yoo put hour herballz befoer yu, our hiddn puek in teh prtty liet uv ur faec.

9 Fur al hour daiz r maed daed in ur wraf. We spen our yrs az a tael taht iz tolld.

10 Ar dais bein heer com to maibee sebbenteh or aitteh somtims, if wez bein strong teh hol timz, but teh bestest yearses ar onli trubls and sabness, cuz tehy mov phast by us and we fly away wif teh birdehs.

11 Ai no unnerstandz ur so much teh angriez, srsly! Ur angriez maek me srsly afraidz! Liek, a lot!

12 Be yoo teacherings us too kaownt ar dais real goodz, so we gets reel smart in owr hedz!

13 We can haz petz again, Cieling Cat? Iz bad at teh waitings!!!11! Srsly!!! Luuurve us againz! We luuurbe yoo!

14 Wen teh moast big lite comez up in teh skiez, plz u maek us feel ur happiez?? Den we will meeowz ALL TEH TIMEZ bcuz we r so happiez!

15 Maek us happiez deh same timez yoo maed us ashaymed, deh same timez we seed trbl.

16 We can seez ur gud doin stuffz? Plz, yoo shows owr kittenz ur soopah gud awwsumness?

17 We can haz ur faborz? Maek owr stuffz gud! Maek owr stuffz gud!

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