Psalm 9

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Old Testament

1 Wil praze u, O CEILING CAT, wif al mah gizard;
 Wil tel teh nubs teh kewl junk u done.

2 Wil b glad n w00t! in u :D
 Will sing n w00t to ur naym :D, O in-Teh-Ceiling one.

3 Mah nme d00dz scampr awai;
 tehy fall n tayke durt nap befor u.

4 For u is in mah rite upholdin my claws;
 you has purred on ur kiteh bed, modrating mos awesomly.

5 U hav band hole domanes and band teh trols;
 U erased tehr nam frum teh server log. DO NOT WANT.

6 Max pwnage damages ur nme d00dz,
 u pwnd tehre cities ffs;
 even teh bakupz bin delitid.

7 Ceiling Cat pwns;
 has kitteh bed whar he mods teh forum.

8 Will ban n00bz in awesomnes;
 Will rulz teh ppl for great justice.

9 Ceiling cat is a hidin place 4 teh emo n goth,
 a club house to hid in win tehy taze u bro.

10 Tohse taht tuch ur fuzy bely laiks u,
 cuz u, KITTEH, never bite ur frenz even win pet ur bely.

11 W00t to CEILING CAT :D, in him's kitteh bed in Zion;
 spam on al grupes teh kewl junk he did.

12 Cuz he don forget win ppl pwn u;
 n lissens wehn ppl get al retardid in chanel.

13 O CEILING CAT, check it how tehy pwn me!
 Can has power ups? I is bout to dye. kthx

14 so i can sez hao kewl u is
 in teh Daughter of Zion hoo is taht hot chik luvz neo
 and tehn w00t in ur masiv cheezburgr. :D

15 Teh domanes has fel in a hole tehy digs;
 ther paws has cawt in teh liter box trap tehy set.

16 Ceiling Cat is nown 4 max pwnage;
 teh trols are hangz tehmself.

17 Teh lusers goes back to grav,
 al teh lamzors hu forgetz Ceiling Cat.

18 U is hungry? U can haz cheezburgr,
 Don luse hope. Cheezburgr on teh wai.

19 Getz off ur bedz, O Ceiling Cat, let not us pwn;
 Let teh domanes be pwnd in ur fuzy claus.

20 Mak tehm scard, O Ceiling Cat;
 let the domanz no tehy is jus n00b lamzors.

Psalm 9
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