Psalm 88

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Old Testament

1 Oh, hai, Ceiling Cat. U heer me yowlin'?

2 Come heere, I telz U secretz:

3 Unhappy cat is unhappy.

4 I is in yr pit, bein' pitiful.

5 Y is pit filled with zombeez?

6 Y U put me in pit?!?


8 Where U take my friends, y they not listen 2 me? Iz stank?

9 K, U not listenin' too. I shutz up nao.

10 Zombeez like Ceiling Cat.

11 Ceiling Cat do magic tricks for zombeez. Him like dead stuff.

12 Ceiling Cat so misunderstood.

13 Y we not talk together like we used to?

14 Ceiling Cat? U still there?

15 U scarin' me.

16 U scarin' me LOTZ.

17 O noes! I drownin' in teh fear!

18 U bring back my peeps now, k? Srsly.

Psalm 88
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