Psalm 87

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Old Testament
Zion pwns awl

1 His base be up in teh mountenz, teh rly holy onez.

2 Ceiling Cat lovz teh gatez of Zion mor then anywer els.

3 Evryone talkin bout dis city how awsum it iz. Srsly.

4 Evrywer els liek Babylon n Ethiopia they all liek, I really frum Zion, I be coolr kitteh den u.

5 But Ceiling Cat noz dey lyin.

6 Ceiling Cat gonna maek a list showin who rly frum Zion.

7 But othr kitteh stil all gonna say "I be frum Zion", cuz Zion be so cool. Srsly.

Psalm 87
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