Psalm 85

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Old Testament
Psalm 85
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Singy Tiem fo tha Sunz Uv Korah

1 Ceiling Cat, yur realeh kewl. Srsly. Yu maek no moar slaev kittehs.

2 Yu maek all uv invisible errors betta an stuff.

3 Yu no maek angwy tiem no moars. Dats kewl, Iz no lieks dat stuffs.

4 Plz dun be mad no moars.

5 Ceiling Cat be mad at us tiems infinity? NOES!!1! Evn our littlest kitteh sunz?

6 Mehbey yu maek it all betta, an we maek funneh sownds at yu?

7 Haev merceh on us!!1!

8 Iz be good listender. Ceiling Cat talkz peece an stuffs an blah blah 2 his fello kittehs. Dey dun need 2 be bad kittehs after dat.

9 We be fraid uv Ceiling cat. Sow we gets gud stuffs! His awesum stuff culd maek dis place bettr.

10 Merceh and troofs be wif each uthur. Gud stuffs and peece maek out.

11 Troofs will pounce frum Urfs; gud stuffs come frum ceiling.

12 Ceiling Cat giveded us teh gud stuffs, an we maek it gud on Urfs.

13 Gud stuffs maek us liek Ceiling Cat.

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