Psalm 84

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Old Testament

1 Ceiling Cat haz teh bestestest ov houzez, O yeah.

2 I wantz 2 curl up in teh houz of teh Ceiling Cat and can haz cheezburgr.

3 Teh birdiez, teh swallowz An teh sparrowz who makez teh baybee chickeez I laiks 2 chase An eat, we haz all napped in teh houz of teh Ceiling Cat.

4 Hai Ceiling Cat, the kittehs in ur houz say kthx for making teh cheezburgrz alwaiz.

5 Hai Ceiling Cat, teh kittehs cldn’t chazez teh birdiez widdout u.

6 Teh Ceiling Cat alwaiz makz teh litter box cleen 4 teh kittehs.

7 An we climbz treez hai 2 see teh Ceiling Cat.

8 O yeah Ceiling Cat, we luv u. An dat Jacob dood laiks u 2, so lissen, eh?

9 Lookit Ceiling Cat, lookit ma tail.

10 I can haz ly in ur houz onlee 4 1day, itz bettr’n mastubatin out in teh tentz all teh time.

11 Cuz u givez cookiez An cheezburgrz An keepz teh dogz away from teh kittehs dat laiks u An walkz on 4 pawz bhind u.

12 Dey dat laiks teh Ceiling Cat will alwaiz have cheezburgrz An nap in ur houz. kthx bai.

Psalm 84
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