Psalm 81

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Old Testament

1 Sing happai to Celing cat our strongs
 and be loud to Celing cat who made hoomanz

2 srsly, strt playinz moozicz, kthx.

3 whne skai is drkest, bloo teh horne tht is kitteh or goats saef
 an tehn when is braight we shal have FUDS!

4 And Celing Cat makse shuer u are to do,
 cuz is law. srsly.

5 cause Him siad so whne he gowez to store
 and hrd hoomanz speek good.

6 no! iz treu! Celing Cat sayez "I took your bazkets and bukkits
 and naowz youz are free of bazkets! Unless you aer Bazket kittehz but we can speek of
 tht laytrez, kthx"

7 "You kitthez yowlzd at meh, so I came in claoudz and
 ranied to maek youz fuzzeh, in baithtubz and shoawerz"

8 "Listinz, kittehz, so i can give wairngz, butchu
 gotz to listinz!

9 "Frizt- youz gots tou stop worrshippingz hoomanz.
 srsly - qutiz. I doo notz caerz how gudz fudz are. Or catnipz.

10 I am Celing Cat! I gievz you werdz! I takz from
 Egyptz! Opan mowth and I stuff it with Cheezburgerz! WAI DOO YOO HAIT MAH!!?!

11 But Noooeeezzz, kittehz ignoerz meh. Kittehz
 doo not suumitz.

12 So I saeyz shur, doo yoru thang.

13 If my Kittehz woould only liztne!
 If my Kittehz woould follwz meh!

14 I woould subduez enaemize fazt
and tern the pointz and layzurs on teh dawgz.

15 Yoo thaht hait Celing Cat, will caowerz beefare him
 and will be in shaowerz for teh evah!

16 but yoo woould be gievnz cheezburger!
 with milks frum rock, i wld sassifai yoo. srsly."

Psalm 81
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