Psalm 8

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Old Testament

1 O Ceiling Cat,
 Ur name iz pretty ossum in all da Urfs!

2 Ur ossumness iz way hi over the ceiling
 Bebehs and kittehs drinkin milkz
 dey sey dey liek u,
 cuz u pwn teh noobs n stuff.

3 When im in ur outsied, lookin at ur heavns
 stuf you maed wif ur own pawz
 liek teh mun and teh strz
 dat u put der

4 I wantz to no why you liek me and oteher lolcats.
 Why you talk 2 us? srsly.

5 Ainjels is moar importent than us but only a littul.
 You gives us lots gloriez and onnorz
 and stuff that we can has on our hed.

6 We can has control of cheezburgers.
 They has to listin to us cuz u sed so!

7 Aminals too.

8 And also burds and teh fishus too.

9 Ceiling Cat,
 u is maed of win and ossum.

Psalm 8
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