Psalm 79

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Old Testament
Psalm 79
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O hai ceiling cat, dem catz wot dont think uz iz real haz done they busnez in your houze. Them ded kitties wot did give you stuffs hav bin given to teh animalz in teh ceiling, teh bodyz of ur holy kitties to teh animalz on teh urf. Teh bl00d they has lost iz gone like wen you iz really firsty, and lick it up reeeel fast, and they had no kitty to dig them holes. We no like our neighbourz no more. you shud srsly pwn them. How long you no likes uz for? You shud be angry at them wot dont believe in you and their h00manz. They haz eated jacob, and let his house go all nasty. Forget wot we did waz bad. Forgive us pllllllllz Say you no care wot we did waz bad no more, for ceiling cat's sake! Wot sez them kitties wot dont believ in you? Wheres their ceiling cat? Let them no by pwning them. Let them priznorz wot shud be dead liv. Coz u can do that coz u is awsm. And pwn our neighbours 7 tyms worse than wot they pwned you. So uz kitties of yours will say kthnx for eva, and tell our little kitties and their kitties.


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