Psalm 73

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Old Testament

1 Dis iz Asaph's Psalm. If U be guud kittehs, Ceiling Cat will B guud to yu tu.

2 But Ah am knot so guud, Ah am all mixed up on teh guud path an almost fall-down-go-boom

3 Ah saw teh naice bling of teh bad kittehs, an ah wanned sum 2.

4 Tehy no wurk; tehy hav naice shiny fur

5 Tehy R helthee, nott sik.

6 Tehy R so Prouwd; but tehy R reddy 2 bite n scratch odders.

7 Tehy R so mean an tehy R chock full uv Invisible Errors.

8 Tehy talk mean talk, and tehy sai scary thingz to uss.

9 Tehy sai tehy agree wit Ceiling Cat, an rool teh Urf.

10 So most kittehs luuk up 2 dese bad kittehs an follo dem.

11 Most kittehs say, doez Ceiling Cat kno abowt dese bad kittehs?

12 Teh badd kittehs have teh guud laif. Tehy gett more cookies.

13 Ah be a guud kitteh, wif no Invisible Error. Wen do I can haz cookies?

14 Ah hav a hard laif. Punishd evry daye.

15 If ah decided 2 goe 2 "The Dark Side" I wld betraye U.

16 Ah thunk so harrd abowt dis, but it hurt mah brayne.

17 Then Ah luukd into Ceiling Cats' howse an nao Ah can see wot'll happn 2 teh badd kittehs.

18 Yu will maek tehm fall down an suffer.

19 An tehn tehy R lawst an gawn forevah.

20 An wen dey R gawn, itl B laik a dreem, laik dey wer nevah ther.

21 B4 Ah felt lowr tahn a snaiks belly, an mai hart didnt kall 2 U.

22 Ah was so stoopid den, laik teh most stunned ox taht evr livd.

23 But Ah'm wit U, U hold mai paw.

24 U giv guud advaise, and wil upload me 2 teh giant Sleeping Basket in teh skai

25 Ur all I need, in hevn an Urf.

26 Mah bodi may crash, go bluescreen an go offline, butt U hold up mai spearitt.

27 U trash all hoo R far frum U, an commit Invisble Errors.

28 Iams neer U, U protexxx mee and Ah talks to evry1 abowt yr cookies.

Psalm 73
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