Psalm 70

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Psalm 70
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Job Proverbs Psalm 69 Psalm 71
For teh Musik Makr d00d. Ov David. A petishun.

1 Hury up, Oh Ceiling Cat, yu helps me;

O Ceiling Cat, srsly, IZ NEEDS HELP!.


Yu maeks dem all confuzzled liek;
an teh wuns hoo wunt tu RUIN ME;
yu maeks dem ashamed.

3 An fr teh kittehs hoo sayz, "Aha! Yu didz it!"

yu maeks dem ashamed tu.

4 So liek Al who seek U;

say, "oh hai u is teh greatzest!!!1;
so then liek all who siek ur halp will get teh cheezburgers.

5 So sadz I have no more cheezburgerz;

Ceiling cat cum quick!
U iz mai halp and fastest at it.
Plz no delay, Ceiling cat maek teh qyckiness.!121!!!oh hai!
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