Psalm 7

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[[Category:Psalms|Psalm 007]]
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Old Testament

1 Save me, Teh Ceiling Cat.

2 If you don't, I shall get pwn3d.

3 If I be guiltyz...

4 If I are hurtz sum peepz.....

5 Then let me be pwn3d.

6 Get up, Teh Ceiling Cat! Mad kitteh iz u!

7 Bring you peepz and rule those n00bz!

8 Watch us masturbate.

9 Teh Ceiling Cat, pwn all evil plz?

10 My shield is Teh Ceiling Cat, cuz he bloks dmg n stuff.

11 Teh Ceiling Cat is amazin and angry.

12 Teh Ceiling Cat has lvl 9000 weaponz and will pwn j00.

13 In fact, tey is ready to pwn j00 right now!

14 Fact: Bebehs r evil!

15 H0le diggrz are st00pid.

16 Karma sux, iz hurts lot.

17 Teh Ceiling Cat r amazin, srsly.

Psalm 7
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