Psalm 69

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Old Testament
  1. Halp! Ceiling cat! In baff - do not want!
  2. Muddy baff = muddy paws. I am sink. Baff deep!
  3. I has tired now, mioaw lots. Want milk, want looksee - ceiling cat am late.
  4. Peepz say "Bad kitteh!" I no bad kitteh, I gud kitteh! Rly! I can has buckitt bak?
  5. Ceiling cat noez I iz not perfick kitteh.
  6. I try to be gud kitteh, iz not mah fawlt u bad, I rly am gud kitteh, I doan wan u be sad.
  7. I iz calld "Bad Kitteh", ceiling cat sey "must be".
  8. I see mah bruvvas and dey say "Who u? We nevah metchu b4 n00b!"
  9. I werk 4 ceiling cat now. U dis Him u dis me.
  10. I iz 1 sad kitteh! Hungry 2.
  11. I dress liek bum.
  12. Peepz at gate talk bout me an drunx dey sing "See da ickle kitteh, he work for teh ceiling cat, he a dirty kitteh, an a most unfeelin cat!"
  13. But I pray 2 ceiling cat. Mah call haz importance, I iz in a Q, pls holds.
  14. BTW I still be sink in da muddy baff. And peepz say "Bad kitteh!" 2.
  15. HALP!
  16. Kitteh still on holds. Nise muzik on holds.
  17. Iz wait liek a gud kitteh, can has smile? Can has ansa?
  18. Cum ceiling cat, buy me sole soez teh bad kittehs can no have.
  19. Ceiling cat noez I iz not perfick kitteh. I sed dat b4 k?
  20. Peepz say "Bad kitteh!" I sad, need hugz. No can has hugz.
  21. Peepz give kitteh dog food 2 eet and vinniga 2 drinks.
  22. Kitteh wants maek toylet in peepz food. LOL.
  23. Kitteh wants peepz to haff no see and be all bend ovah.
  24. Ceiling cat mad a peepz, lay smack on peepz.
  25. Kitteh wants peepz go now, not cum bak, evah.
  26. Peepz am nasty to teh whupped of teh ceiling cat and scolded dose who ceiling cat said "Bad kitteh!" 2. Copicatz!
  27. Ceiling cat maek list, chickin it twice. List of dose can has NOT cheezburgr.
  28. Ceiling cat has list an can take namez from teh bigg buk of good kittehs. No cheezburgrz 4 bad kitteh!
  29. I haff teh limp an teh scrachd noze an I iz worry lots but teh ceiling cat am my bodigard. Has magnetik catflap.
  30. I sing abowt teh ceiling cat. He iz good kitteh, thx.
  31. Am make ceiling cat juss liek happycat. Him moar happy dan haffink funny mooes.
  32. Peepz wiv no cash see dis an be liek happycat. Dose am look fur Ceiling Cat am be brave kitteh.
  33. Ceiling cat here wot peepz am need. No fink bad fings bowt kitteh's in teh kittypound.
  34. Evrybody luvs teg ceiling cat! Even teh fishies.
  35. Ceiling cat has naybahood wach. Build speshul place fur hiz kittehs.
  36. Hiz kittehs kittehs can has live dere 2. An dere kittehs 2. An doze kittehs kittehs az well. U gets da pikchur. Teh ceiling cat's kittehs dere 4 evah...
Psalm 69
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