Psalm 69

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Old Testament
  1. Halp! Ceiling cat! In baff - do not want!
  2. Muddy baff = muddy paws. I am sink. Baff deep!
  3. I has tired now, mioaw lots. Want milk, want looksee - ceiling cat am late.
  4. Peepz say "Bad kitteh!" I no bad kitteh, I gud kitteh! Rly! I can has buckitt bak?
  5. Ceiling cat noez I iz not perfick kitteh.
  6. I try to be gud kitteh, iz not mah fawlt u bad, I rly am gud kitteh, I doan wan u be sad.
  7. I iz calld "Bad Kitteh", ceiling cat sey "must be".
  8. I see mah bruvvas and dey say "Who u? We nevah metchu b4 n00b!"
  9. I werk 4 ceiling cat now. U dis Him u dis me.
  10. I iz 1 sad kitteh! Hungry 2.
  11. I dress liek bum.
  12. Peepz at gate talk bout me an drunx dey sing "See da ickle kitteh, he work for teh ceiling cat, he a dirty kitteh, an a most unfeelin cat!"
  13. But I pray 2 ceiling cat. Mah call haz importance, I iz in a Q, pls holds.
  14. BTW I still be sink in da muddy baff. And peepz say "Bad kitteh!" 2.
  15. HALP!
  16. Kitteh still on holds. Nise muzik on holds.
  17. Iz wait liek a gud kitteh, can has smile? Can has ansa?
  18. Cum ceiling cat, buy me sole soez teh bad kittehs can no have.
  19. Ceiling cat noez I iz not perfick kitteh. I sed dat b4 k?
  20. Peepz say "Bad kitteh!" I sad, need hugz. No can has hugz.
  21. Peepz give kitteh dog food 2 eet and vinniga 2 drinks.
  22. Kitteh wants maek toylet in peepz food. LOL.
Psalm 69
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