Psalm 67

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Old Testament
Psalm 67
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Job Proverbs Psalm 66 Psalm 68

To Big MuzikCat: Make muzik wif strings. A salm an sawng.
1 Pwees Ceiling Cat give us luvs an happyz an maybe eben sum cheezburgrs -- danz an sing, kittehs!
2 Alz places and kittehs shud know bout Ceiling Cat, and luvs Ceiling Cat.
3 Da kittehs danz an sings to Ceiling Cat; let all teh kittehs dance an sings to yu.
4 All places an kitteh famblees shud be happeh, cos Ceiling Cat treets alz faer an givs FAQ. -- danz an sing, kittehs!
5 Maek all kittehs dance an sing an purr lotz!
6 Ceiling Cat maeks urfs full uv cheezburgrs!
7 Ask him for moar cheezburgrs an for ebryone to jump an dance an meow an luvs him. Srsly.

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