Psalm 66

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Old Testament
Psalm 66
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Job Proverbs Psalm 65 Psalm 67

1 Purr to teh Ceiling cat, O urf2 Meow hims naem laik u meanz it3 Tellz teh Ceiling Cat, "U r teh pwnz, Srsly!4 evrybody lowerz himz tail in rspekt fur uz dey al seyz uz a rly graet doodz"

5 Haz u seen al teh awsumage of teh Ceiling Cat? him haelps al teh kittehs6 Him splitzed teh see wen teh DO NOT WANT!!! en teh Izrelites walkd on teh grownd. Us shood meow himz good naem7 wif himz pwnage him r owner ob teh wurld himz ais r big laik it were nait, him sees bof teh ninja kittehs en pirate kittehs8 givez teh Ceiling Cat many blessins, al kettehs9 he holdz our kitteh soulz in ar nine kitteh livez10 fowr yew, ouwr Ceiling Cat, haz proved'ed us11 Ceiling Cat broughtz us kittehs into teh cage;12 yew dint cause otha kittehs to steal our cheezburgerz13 we wull cum intew youwr cage wit scratched'ed offerin's14 which al kitteh's whiskers purred15 i willz offerz yew some burned'ed cheezburgerz and cookiez16 come an hearz all yew that get scared'ed at Ceiling Cat17 i prayd to teh Ceiling Cat, an I praisd him.18 if mah thoughts has byn bad, he wud has refusd tu listen to meh.19 buht Celing Cat did listen an anzwerd mah prayr.20 lets congratz Ceilin Cat! He listend wen I prayd, an he iz alwayz kind.

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