Psalm 64

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Old Testament
v 3. Theyz sharpens theys claws on teh sofa, and pounce on ppls.

For teh director of muziks. A psalm from teh David guy.

1 Nao u listens to meh! I gots a problem, k.
Takes care of meh so I don't gets ded.

2 Let meh hides under teh bed
cuz dem guys turns on teh vacuum and tries to get meh!

3 Theyz sharpens theys claws on teh sofa
and pounce on ppls.

4 Theyz jump out from behind teh trash can
and scare teh ppls, theys not afrayed.

5 Theyz plannin' an schemin'
and settin' up teh traps
they sayz "They suspects nothing!"

6 They plots theys traps an say
"We pwns u!"
Theys leetle kitteh brains thinks they is smrt.

7 But teh Ceiling Cat surprises thems from above
and they be pwned.

8 They claws each ofther
as they tries to excape,'
an teh ppls LOL.

9 All kittehs be afrayed
they laffs at teh jokes of teh Ceiling Cat
and thinks hard on wat he had did.

10 Let teh good kittehs has cheezburgers
and take refuge in teh ceiling
let thems all has bukkits!

Psalm 64
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