Psalm 63

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Old Testament

Longing for Ceiling Cat

1 O ceeling cat, do want! I lookin' 4 u behind teh sofa, under teh couch, in teh littr box... I has a hungry and no has cheezburger! 2 O hai ceeling cat i see what u did there! 3 O, i has Ceiling Cat an' we're BFF 4 i bless ceeling cat while i has cheezburger and when i no has cheezburger. i scratch teh sofa for his lulz. 5 i eated a cookie and cheezburger and sleeped. thx ceeling cat, U R teh awesum!!1! 6 i sleeped on the bed and think bout ceeling cat, i sat by the window watchin' birdz, thinkin' bout ceeling cat. 7 O hai ceeling cat! U R teh awesum! i sleep on teh couch in ur sun and say MOAR! 8 U make me LOL, O, we R BFF! 9 O, if you fux0r with me an' ceeling cat, u goto basement cat! 10 Den u gotta be outdoor kitteh and teh foxes bite ur harbles. 11 O teh king and ceeling cat are BFF! An if ceeling cat are ur BFF, u can has cheezburger! If no den he haet u soooo hard KBye.

Psalm 63
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