Psalm 62

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Old Testament

1 My sol lieks Ceiling Cat cuz he savs me.2 Him iz only wan who protexs me gud. Him is liek a strong showr kertin. No fallin in teh baf wif Ceiling Cat.

3 stop fitin wif me. srsly. u will has ded, k?4 ppl haet teh king and ses lais.

5 waitin on Ceiling Cat.6 Him is liek a strong showr kertin u cant fall from. dayja voo.7 Ceiling Cat savs me and stuff. Him is liek tall shalf when kidz ar lowd.

8 Truss in Ceiling Cat, ppl. Tell him ur secritz.

9 Bad guyz wey less than air.10 You cant has truss in monies and criems.

11 Ceiling cat ses all powerz are belong to him.12 Plus mercie is belong to him too.

Psalm 62
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