Psalm 61

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Old Testament

1 Ceiling Cat, anser my callz, srsly! Doan putt me on hoald!

2 Frum teh endz of da Urfs I keepz callin U, even wen mah hart goez quite. I can haz a rock dat is higher than teh wun I'm on naow?

3 Ceiling Cat is liek a bigg towr, protexxen mee an haxxoren' mai enemeez.

4 I can has stayz in Hiz Sleepign Baskett 4 evar, trustin Hiz protekshunz, Srsly?

5 O hai Ceiling Cat!! U toadully hurd my promissez an now I'z in ur club, wid de odder kittehs hoo feer ur name!!

6 Ceiling Cat will maek Kyng livv long tyme an givv him generayshuns uv kittehs.

7 King iz BFFs wit Ceiling Cat, so can haz preserv him wit mercy n truf plz.

8 I will meow ur praizes 4 evar, an maek mai promissez 2 U.

Psalm 61
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