Psalm 6

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Old Testament
Kitteh David iz emo.

1 O Ceiling Cat, don't hiss at me plz,
 or growl cuz ur mad.

2 Be nice, k? Cuz I iz a n00b.
 Buffs plz? Cuz I got nerfed.

3 Why for u nerfz me, Ceiling Cat?

4 Come bak, fix mah cheezburgr.
 I iz hungry. Plz?

5 If I get pwnt,
 how u can haz cheezburgr?

6 Rly. I iz tired.
 I iz cryin and swimmin in tearz.

7 I iz emo-kitteh
 cuz bad kittehz maek me sad.

8 Go wai, bad kittehz.
 Ceiling Cat iz hearin me b emo.

9 Ceiling Cat herd me,
 and I iz givin him cheezburgr.

10 Let bad kittehz b emo,
 I do not want 2 b emo no more.

Psalm 6
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