Psalm 56

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Old Testament

1 For: Ceiling Cat. Yonath elem rehoqim sez; miktam of Daved, when Filistinez got him at Gath.2 I can haz mircee!!? Ceiling cat, cuz i cant haz cheezburgers, no. srsly. im pressed!! all wayz.3 Muh foz eatin myz cheezbrgers; srsly. moest is attackin. o ceiling cat4 When iz uh frayd, i givs my truhst to u! relly!5 Ceiling cat, i givez u a pramiss. IZ TRUSTIN U!! i duhz not haz feer. idk what meer flesh can haz ben doin to me?6 Evry caturday day r puttin foyl on myz planz. thay r allwayz evilin against me!7 Also, they can haz bushes an thay hi-d with dem. r allwayz lookin at me and stuff! they r lyin for my lyfe.8 K but srsly? are ebil. ceiling cat, put ur I's on them! put nayshinz down in ur angur.9 I wanders, u see. u can haz my teerz in a vile? writtn down in ur bokz?10 my foez r at it agen, trnin there baks! srsly. but i can haz knowledge dat u r on my sides.11 Ceiling Cat, i givez u all muh cheezburgers for my pramiss.12 Iz trustin u, dose not feer. Mortals can not fase me13 I givez swearz to u, Ceiling Cat; wit offrins that Iz will fuffil.14 Wonce u tooked my from the dedz, an u kept my paws stait, i can haz walkin befor Ceiling Cat in the dai of the alive catz.

Psalm 56
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